George Boussenko


Auckland Museum Pitch


CLIENT Auckland Museum

As part of a wayfinding pitch for Auckland Museum, I created an app that would curate a personalised experience for each museum visitor. It would also guide them through it like a GPS, providing either text-based or pre-recorded narration as they went along.

The app was designed as both an in-situ experience (through tours, companion apps, navigation, narration, etc) and also as an at-home reference that would notify users of upcoming events based on their interests.

After downloading the app, a user would create an account that would store information about their interests and events they wished to attend.

After logging in, a user would be presented with a homepage that would categorise events based on topics like Art, Maori History, Natural Sciences, and so on.

Each category has a colour, and so each event gets a “card” that lists a description, image, what topic it relates to and so on. A user can add as many of these “cards” as they want.

For example you are interested in Art. You can easily switch to the appropriate topic and be presented with only the exhibits you may be interested in. Your account would remember that, so next time it would suggest other exhibits within the same category, or even send you an email promoting future events. It would also suggest and promote similar exhibits but in other topics. The idea is to only provide you with an experience that would align to your tastes, but at the same time expand your interests into other topics too.

Each event has a detailed page about it, as well as basic location information.

Once you add exhibits you’d like to see your account, the app would analyze their location and build an optimal path through them. It would then detect your location within the museum and guide you through.

At each exhibit you would get a detailed and interactive narration - it would be just like having your own personal guide.

Thanks for watching!