George Boussenko


Cerny Vran


Cerny Vran is a [made-up] band from the Czech Republic. It’s what would happen if a group of terrible musicians were into the mythology of metal, but all they had were vintage synthesizers. Why Czech? Just so I can say “czech out my band” really, but also because you really need an unusual band name to stand out from the crowd these days.

The objective of Cerny Vran is to combine illustration and music together to create a particular style.

Above is the sample track from Cerny Vran, and the artwork for the first album titled Ascension of Mount Kardagar. The album follows the journey of an unknown warrior as he climbs a dangerous mountain pass to see the wise old crow. Or something like that.

This is the album artwork and sample track from Cerny Vran Andromeda - the second album. This one is all about these three cosmonauts who travel all the way to Andromeda, only to make a deeply terrifying discovery once they get there.

As part of this project I designed the Cerny font. It’s based on old soviet propaganda posters. Handy! Below are the two big posters created for each album:

Thanks for watching!