George Boussenko


Ecotech Website Concept



CLIENT Ecotech PTY Limited

Ecotech is a large international provider of research instrumentation and emissions monitoring in the world. Started in the 70’s in Australia, they have grown to be a global company, providing their services to governments, industries and businesses in over 60 countries.

During my time at Republik, I worked on a new global website for Ecotech. This isn’t the final concept, but I felt this design was effective in exploring and evolving the traditional way that websites deliver their content.

This concept was born out of a single requirement in the design brief - the desktop version was to be contained only on one screen - so no scrolling. Typically, non-scrolling websites tend to have a very specific and arguably outdated look to them. They follow a very condensed, rigid structure, usually too small for the modern screen.

I wanted to challenge this, and use this limitation as a positive. This is how the Interface idea came to be.

Since Ecotech is in the high tech engineering and industrial electronics business, the idea that they would have their own proprietary operating system (or at the very least an interface) is not that far fetched. And so their website is just that - a sort of a mini operating system where windows pop up*, elements can be closed and dragged* and the website itself remembers which windows you opened during your last visit and will display them* (ie if you open a products page window and then leave the site, that window will still be open when you come back).

Thanks for watching!