George Boussenko


SJ Apiaries Identity


CLIENT SJ Apiaries

SJ Apiaries is a family operated beekeeping company in the North Island region. They are one of those businesses that aren’t known to consumers, but actually are a major supplier of honey to various well-known brands.


About a year ago I was approached by Jason Marshall, the director of SJA to work on their identity. During our initial discussions what really stood out for me was just how meticulous and quality-focused these guys are when it comes to their craft. In producing their honey they spared no expense - from using high quality hive boxes, right down to using artificially inseminated bees that come from Italy. That was to be the focus of their identity, the message we needed to deliver.

Over the course of this project I ended up making three different concepts, the above being the final identity chosen. The logo was fairly straightforward - one of the requirements we settled on from the beginning was that the logo would need to work as a stencil on hives and be distinct enough to stand out when applied to vehicles and such. This would be the primary places the logo would be seen on.

The colour palette was created from the different varieties of honey, with the two main colours being the two main varieties that SJA is known for.

Intro is the font used for the wordmark and all the important type elements. However, I wanted it to evoke the texture of honey - that slow, sweet drip from a spoon. Intro on it’s own is quite sharp, so I ended up softening it by rounding off all the sharpness out of it.

A complimentary font - Gentona - works to bring a bit of clarity wherever it’s needed, like body copy for example.

As I usually do, in my first exploration for the identity I created a scale that ranged from Safe to Out There.

This was the Out There option. The idea was to give prominence to the company’s chief asset: bees. The swarm would be an excellent communication device - for example it could be used in ads to spell things, it could be used to add dimension to otherwise flat elements, and would draw attention to important elements.

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