George Boussenko


Starship Air Ambulance


CLIENT The Starship Foundation

The Starship Hospital is New Zealand's primary pediatrics care provider. Situated in Auckland, however, meant that critical patients from other parts of the country had to rely on local emergency transport services to get to Starship.

In 2015 that changed with Starship's acquisition of a $4.5 million state of the art plane to be part of the newly established Starship Air Ambulance service. As part of Republik's design team I created the livery for this aircraft. 

Keeping in mind the emotional impact an injured child would face stepping on board this plane, we established early on that the livery needs to be engaging and reassuring. I came up with the concept of Imagination - the idea that to both a child or doctor this plane would be a fast spaceship, whisking them off to safety.

Other designs were considered below, but ultimately not chosen.

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