George Boussenko


Wynyard Central & 132 Halsey Websites


CLIENT Willis Bond & Co

During my time at Republik I designed websites and an interactive sales app for the Wynyard Central and 132 Halsey developments for Willis Bond & Co. Both Wynyard Central and 132 Halsey are one of the most exciting residential developments in Auckland. Located right on the waterfront in the heart of the city, they will not only provide premium living spaces with all the modern amenities, but create an idyllic lifestyle in an otherwise industrial area.


From the start I wanted to get away from the traditional template of the company’s previous developments - an example would be These layouts were far too complicated, and separated information into individual pages with meagre amounts of content.

I wanted to create a streamlined experience that would have the same amount of content as the previous websites, but at the same time would be exponentially easier to navigate.

The solution was simple - condensing the structure of the site. What previously took up a whole page, would become just a section in a bigger layout. And each section was arranged in such a way so as to guide the user through the website. The order of the sections was like this: Introduction -> Building Overview -> Neighbourhood & Amenities -> Apartment Overview -> Team -> Contact.

This allowed a user to quickly find all the information they needed by simply scrolling through, but if they wanted to learn in-depth, for example, about the Building itself, there were tabs in that section the provided them with further reading.

The results of this structure were effective - both websites were so much easier to navigate and served as an excellent source of reference information for both buyers and property dealers.

The sales tool was used in the showroom and provided a visual overview of the buildings and information on each apartment. Despite the fact that in most cases there would be a guide running a potential buys through this app, I designed it in such a way that a person not familiar with the developments would be able to easily get an overview of each development and find all required information for all apartments.

Thanks for watching!